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Keeps Vape Pens From Exploding

Although vaporizer cartridges may explode occasionally, it is not really common. These accidents usually happen due to human error. Therefore, if you make any mistake, do not panic! You can easily prevent such an incident by following the tips below.

What causes a Vape Pen to Explode?

Most vape pen cartridges are battery-operated devices. They use rechargeable lithium-ion cells (batterys). These types of cells can explode if they're exposed to certain extreme conditions. Some of these conditions include:

  1. Charging them too much time than they need.

  2. Extreme temperature ranges. These include both very cold and very hot temperature ranges.

According to FEMA’s statistics, most vape pen explosions occur when they are being charged, so here are some tips for preventing them:

  • Don't leave your e-cig charger plugged into an outlet overnight. If you do, you could damage your device.

  • Do not exceed the chraging time manufacturer suggests.

  • Only use the included battery pack for charging the device. Don't use any other chargers because they might not provide enough power to fully recharge the batteries and thus increase the risk of an explosion.

  • Most vape tanks are built for charging directly through a wall socket/outlet. If you plug them into any other device, there's a chance they could explode.

  • When charging your e-cigarette, put it on a clean flat surface (such as a desk) and avoid placing it on any type of cushioning.

3 Pro tips to keep your vape pen safe:

If you want to ensure your safety and of others, including the environment, you must also do these things that will help keep your e-cigarette safe:

  1. Read the instruction manual provided by the brand of e-cigarette you purchased. If there is no manual inside the packaging, you should contact the brand owner for any queries.

  2. Don’t tamper with or remove the vents or fire buttons of your e-cigarette. These parts may be designed to protect against overheating or explosions.

  3. Always buy high quality replacement parts for your devices.


It is evident that human error causes most vape pen accidents. By following the guidelines in the preceding text, you can minimize your risk of an explosion.

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